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A Wedding with Shani

Wedding Ceremonies created with you
to reflect who you really are

I love being a marriage celebrant.

I think of a marriage ceremony as being the creation of a story, a lasting memory that will be held by you and the folks who were there when that story unfolded.

What will you be feeling as you leave the ceremony? What will your family be thinking as they watch?

That ceremony flowed beautifully.

I feel more connected to the couple than I did before.

I feel like I am an important person to this couple.

That wedding ritual brought me to tears.

That ceremony matched the couple perfectly.



My goal is to help you make that happen.


I love listening to stories, using my creative skills to tell those stories, adding special rituals to bring meaning, and blending the different parts together to create a ceremony that is truly unique - a ceremony that reflects you and the community of special people that surround you.

Your own special ceremony for your own special wedding.

(I know, I know every marriage celebrant says that . . .)


As an school principal, teacher and facilitator I am well known for my engaging style, sense of humour and play. I speak confidently and with passion, holding space for groups from 50 to 900. All my life friends and family have asked me “could you marry us?” 

Of course weddings are not the only time when we might want to recognise something that has happened in ceremony. I can also organise ceremonies for all sorts of aspects of love, life and loss. It might be a baby blessing or a retirement party, a commitment ceremony or a renewal of vows, an 18th birthday or a puppy’s birthday!

You decide – it’s your ceremony.

To hear more about some of the ceremonies Shani has performed, head to her facebook page   Shani Graham Marriage Celebrant

Bouquet of Flowers
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